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Blue Sky is proud to start offering Infrared Photography!

This new service will be offered starting in the 2009 growing season. Many vineyard managers are using this technology to aid in the early detection of problems such as Phylloxera, Oak root fungus, Fanleaf Virus, Pierces disease, and irrigation and drainage issues. All of these problems are all visible using this useful technology. We will provide your images electronically as well as in print form if desired. The use of the images is up to you!

Niner Winery Paso Robles, Photographed 1-9-2010
Silver Mountain, Santa Cruz Mountains
Vine Hill Winery, Santa Cruz Mountains
Muns Vineyard, Santa Cruz Mountains

Martin Ranch Vineyards and Winery, Gilroy
Sample Bottle Shots

Beautiful color aerial images are also available!

While we are photographing your vineyard with our Infrared technologies, have us document your property with our color cameras as well. These photos are a great way to show your customers where the grapes are grown, document the progress of development, document the property for insurance purposes, and much more! We will photograph the vineyard from multiple angles and altitudes to provide you with the best photos possible.


Healdsburg and Russian River Vineyards:
Gary Farrell Winery
Medlock Ames
Moshin Vineyards
Arista Winery
Hop Kiln Winery
Porter Creek Winery
Thomas George Estates

All Photos © Blue Sky Aerial Photography / Scott Ebersole 2009 and may not be used for any purpose without written permission