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Standard Packages:
Our basic Standard Package which will provide you with the photo shoot, on line proof sheet with at least ten
useable images to choose from, and one print enlargement to 8"x12". Standard package Cost $300.

Because every project is unique in terms of photographic needs and end deliverables, every project is individually
negotiated. However, the following characteristics provide a general framework for a Standard Package:

-The project is within Blue Sky Aerial Photography's standard area of coverage.
-Non-rush jobs are photographed within 2 weeks of agreement (weather permitting).
-Proofs, are posted on via a private link for selection.
-Final images are emailed or shipped as prints or on CD via UPS.
-Rights are non-transferable.
-Blue Sky Aerial Photography retains copyright, reproduction and use rights, and any negatives.

Same-day service is available.

Several factors influence project pricing. For instance, high-volume projects (such as construction progress)
or projects with significant lead time tend to reduce price. Rush jobs, jobs outside normal coverage areas,
significant use rights, and rights to any negatives or digital files tend to increase price.

Reprints and Enlargements:
The following schedule applies to reprints and enlargements from custom projects. It does not apply to stock

First enlargement of a given image:

8 x 10 * *
8 x 12
11 x 14
* *
12 x 18
16 x 20* *
16 x 24
20 x 24 * *
20 x 30
24 x 30
* *

24 x 36
30 x 40
* *



Lamination & Mounting:
We offer several different types of laminate and mounting. Our clients can choose to have their enlargements laminated with a glossy, non-glare, or dry erase compatible laminate. We can encapsulate your prints with lamination on both sides, or mount them on ½" or 3/16", black, gatorfoam board. Other options include canvas board, stretched canvas, or a hard bevel mount.

* * Print size is cropped from full frame and may not include entire subject.
Quotes will be provided for enlargements larger than 30 x 40 and for packages of multiple enlargements.

For all reprints and enlargements:
Second through fifth enlargement of a given image to a given size on a single order = 25% discount.
Sixth and subsequent enlargements of a given image to a given size on a single order = 40% discount.
Digital copies are available per the same pricing schedule as prints assuming 150dpi resolution.
Delivery may be via CD or email.

Commercial Aerial Photography:

Custom aerial photography from Blue Sky Aerial provides a
unique and often necessary perspective to your commercial
project. These projects include:

- Planning and Development
- Construction / Construction Progress
- Real Estate
- Legal Documentation
- Transportation
- Headquarters and Campuses
- Insurance Purposes

A typical custom commercial package will include images
from multiple angles and altitudes, to give you or your customer a complete perspective of a property. A proofs gallery will be posted to its own page on Fulfillment can be via prints, CD, or email.

Graphics overlay

Blue Sky Aerial Photography is equipped to provide value-
added services for your images. This includes digital
enhancement and manipulation as well as the incorporation
of items such as text, symbols, and lines.

NOW OFFERING!! Infrared Photography services. Vineyard managers see how your vines are fairing, schedule the phoos during critical growing times, time lapse overlays available.

Residential Aerial Photography:

Blue Sky Aerial provides distinctive aerials for distinctive properties. We recognize that you want something more than an unsolicited photo that was taken during a shoot of every other property on your block. That is why Blue Sky will go to great lengths to ensure that the image of your property is not ‘just another’ aerial photo.
Great aerial photos can only be captured on days with the right light conditions. On these days there is often just a small window, either in the morning or evening (depending on the direction your property faces), during which these shots can be captured. When you contract with Blue Sky, we will wait for this small window so we can capture your property the way it deserves to be captured. At least 10 proofs are provided for most residential projects.

Air To Air Photography:

Blue Sky Aerial is run by a pilot who loves to fly and knows how much other pilots enjoy fantastic shots of their aircraft in flight. Other customers of air-to-air photography include flight schools and Corporate flight departments. These customers use images of their planes as art, to incorporate in marketing materials, and to present to students and customers.

Safety is always paramount in aerial photography, and especially so with air-to-air. This is why pilots in both the photo plane and the subject plane must have formation flight experience.
A typical air-to-air photo shoot will take 30 – 60 minutes of total flight time. Given the expense and logistics involved in air-to-air photography, 30 – 50 proofs will be provided to ensure the capture of great images. Flight will typically occur in the early morning or late afternoon and will cover a wide flight arc so that pictures are taken at several angles in relation to the sun.

Special Events:

How better to show off the Festival, Party, or Wedding you've worked so hard on than from above. From the air you can get a true feeling of where the traffic problems are, how the parking situation is working out, and just how successful the event truly is. Use the photos for future advertisements, the identification of problem areas, for future layout plans, and even for gifts.

We take events very seriously, always arriving at the scheduled time and taking as many shots as we possibly can. The nature of events demand this attention to detail.


Special Events are just that... Special. They demand that our crew be at a given location at a given time.

Of course weather can always play havoc on the best layed plans. Our airplanes and pilots are all able to fly in the clouds and sometimes even the fog can make for a whimsical shot of your event. The photo on the left is a wedding during the summer time on the Pacific Coast.

Sometimes the fog doesn't lift enough for that whimsical shot, in those cases we will only charge if we have launched, and we will always be in contact with you via cell phone prior to launch.

Custom Framing now available!!

We offer a full range of standard type framing and matting services in addition to our specialty hand made frames. Our specialty frames are made right here in our own shop and no two are alike. They are very rustic in appearance and will set off most frameables fit for a mountain home. The process is as unique as is the appearance.


All Photos © Blue Sky Aerial Photography / Scott Ebersole 2005 and may not be used for any purpose without written permission